Outside view of Tesa dell'Isolotto. An old, long brick building, with craved archways cut into the right side of the building.
New Zealand’s venue announced for 2017 Venice Biennale
March 21, 2016
Simon Denny Business Insider exhibit at WIELS
May 1, 2016

A conversation with Francis Upritchard

“Francis Upritchard’s artistic lexicon is perhaps best known for her curious, and at times disconcerting, small-scale figurative sculptures which in their fantastical forms also embody a constellation of historical and contemporary references. These figures inhabit a universe whereby imagination and the ancient and contemporary collide. Often juxtaposed and staged upon the geometric, clean lines of Modernist furniture, her imaginative enquiry traverses the limits of human behaviour, imbuing gravitas with each assemblage and scenario.” (Source: ocula.com)

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More about Francis Upritchard at Venice in 2009