December 9, 2022

Pimp my Gauguin: Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp (or Why Post Impressions Matter)

“Layered with visual and conceptual ambiguity, Yuki Kihara’s photographs, video and texts point to (or jab at) the limitations associated with illogical binary views of people, cultures and the world.” Artlink reviews Paradise Camp. Read more on the Artlink website
December 8, 2022

Paradise Camp Reading Group – by Yuki Kihara, Natalie King, Iona Gordon and Allan Haeweng

“During severe lockdown in 2020, a group of us formed a Pacific Reading Group comprising Yuki Kihara (interdisciplinary artist who is representing Aotearoa New Zealand at 59th Venice Biennale 2022), Natalie King (curator of Yuki Kihara: Paradise Camp), Ioana Gordon-Smith […]
December 8, 2022

Venice darling Paradise Camp comes to Australia

“A gender-bending hit show from the Venice Biennale is set to open at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. “Yuki Kihara’s show Paradise Camp achieved international acclaim at the 59th Biennale and by the time it finished up in the New Zealand pavilion […]
December 1, 2022

Yuki Kihara: Fa‘afafine Nation

“Speaking with media on the ground and reading subsequent articles, it is evident that what caught people’s attention wasn’t just Paradise Camp’s politics. It was also its vibrancy and irreverent humour. Living in one’s own utopia is infectious. With Paradise […]
November 26, 2022

The triumph of Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp

On Sunday 27 November, 2022 the 59th Venice Biennale comes to a close. We take a moment to reflect on Paradise Camp, the game-changing exhibition of New Zealand’s representative artist, Yuki Kihara. Described as “gloriously irreverent and fabulously camp” (Art […]
November 1, 2022

‘Going Native’ by Yuki Kihara