Image from Yuki Kihara's Paradise Camp
Venice darling Paradise Camp comes to Australia
December 8, 2022
Image from Yuki Kihara's Paradise Camp
Pimp my Gauguin: Yuki Kihara’s Paradise Camp (or Why Post Impressions Matter)
December 9, 2022

Paradise Camp Reading Group – by Yuki Kihara, Natalie King, Iona Gordon and Allan Haeweng

Photo of Yuki Kihara and Natalie King

“During severe lockdown in 2020, a group of us formed a Pacific Reading Group comprising Yuki Kihara (interdisciplinary artist who is representing Aotearoa New Zealand at 59th Venice Biennale 2022), Natalie King (curator of Yuki Kihara: Paradise Camp), Ioana Gordon-Smith (Wellington-based assistant curator for the Venice Biennale) and Allan Haeweng (Kanak curator in New Caledonia). We met weekly over zoom from Samoa, Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, conversing across time zones and waterways as a way to read collectively in spite of the challenges of deferrals and delays in delivering the Aotearoa New Zealand Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.”

A chapter published in Un magazine Issue 16.2, edited by Natalie King, highlights the Paradise Camp Reading Group consisting of Yuki Kihara, Natalie King OAM, Ioana Gordon Smith and Allan Haeweng. This reading group was conducted during the Aotearoa New Zealand pandemic lockdown in 2020.

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