3mm aluminium composite panel.
Printed on epsom vivid white watercolour paper.

Documenting climate change in Sāmoa

Situated at the frontline of climate change, Sāmoa frequently experiences environmental crises.

Scientists believe that the climatic changes in the Moana first began during the 18th century. This coincides with the arrival of Western explorers, scientists, and artists.  

Many Fa‘afafine were first responders in the 2009 tsunami rescue efforts. However, the emergency shelters set up by NGOs failed to address the needs of the Fa‘afafine community, including installing gender-neutral bathrooms. As a result, a group of Fa‘afafine set up camp at an abandoned house, living without necessities.  

In 2021, Kihara initiated a workshop led by the Pacific Climate Change Center and the Sāmoa Faʻafafine Association with an aim to empower the Faʻafafine community with knowledge and understanding about Climate change.

Yuki kihara discusses climate change and Sāmoa

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